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Other Learning Experiences

Under the Senior Secondary Curriculum, OLE is one of the three components that complements the core and elective subjects for the whole person development of students. Building on the foundation of the five Essential Learning Experiences in the Basic Education (Primary 1- Secondary 3), schools offer students a range of OLE opportunities in five areas of OLE, namely Moral and Civic Education, Community Service, Career-related Experiences, Aesthetic Development and Physical Development.

Our school has developed a school-based OLE program for the students to meet the requirement. The details are shown in the table below.

Other Learning Experiences School based Program
Moral and Civic Education Home Programmes, Morning Assemblies, Talks, Masses & Liturgies
Community Service Extra-curricular activities
Career-related Experiences Home Programmes, Talks, Workshops, Visits, Jobs shadowing
Aesthetic Development Music Lessons, Music Festival, Singing Contest, OLE Days
Physical Development PE Lessons, OLE Days, Sports Day Camp

OLE days

To enhance student performance in other learning experiences, the school has organized OLE days on alternative Fridays, about 12 OLE days are arranged in a year. Various kinds of OLE programmes are conducted in different forms.

1. Junior Aesthetic Development Programme

According to their preferences, all S1 and S2 students are grouped under five domains: Drama (Musical), Music (Percussion), Chinese dance, Chinese & Western Paintings. Tutors from different external organizations are invited to teach students the basic skills in various areas. Students will be engaged in the same OLE programme for two consecutive years to allow them wider and deeper exposure in the discipline of their choice.

Music (Percussion)



Drama (Musical)



Painting (Chinese & Western)





Chinese Dance



2. Form 4 Project Learning

Project Learning is conducted in S4. Each student joins one of the five domains offered - Music (African drum), Modern dance, Art (Fashion design), Videography and Drama. Students are required to either perform on stage or display their work on the Aesthetic Appreciation Day during the post-exam period.

Music (African drum)


Modern dance


Art (Fashion design)






3. Form 5 Physical and Aesthetic Development Programmes

In S5, OLE days are organised for fostering students’ physical development (Martial Arts and Latin Dance) and aesthetic development. Aesthetic programmes such as Creative Workshop, Shadow Puppet Show, and a piano performance (Arts with disabled Association) are organized.




Aesthetic Appreciation Day

The project learning implemented in S4 every year promotes an all-round development for students and aims at strengthening and developing their individual potential. The Aesthetic Appreciation Day held during the post-exam period aims to recognize and appreciate the S4 students’ effort and achievement in the five domains of their project learning, namely Art, Dance, Drama, Music and Videography.







Sports Day Camps

Two sports Day Camps, which involve adventure-based activities in S4 and horse riding in S5, are organized in February to foster senior students’ physical development.





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