School Policy on MOI (English as the Medium of Instruction)

  • Subjects other than Chinese & Chinese History are taught in English.
  • All Board decorations (class, club, and team) are done in English.
  • Daily notices on the class board are in English.
  • All in-class SA promotions during the Home Time are conducted in English.
  • All announcements during the morning assembly and through the PA system are in English.
  • All assemblies and club activities, other than those related to Chinese are in English.
  • Celebrations, other than the Liturgy, are in English. (The RE dept. has the discretion to decide on the MOI for the liturgical celebrations).
  • Morning assembly talks conducted by English Teachers are in English. Likewise, other teachers are strongly encouraged to do the same.
  • Students are encouraged to converse with their teachers in English even outside the classroom.
  • Students are required to speak in English during lessons.


At the English Department and Club Level, the measures are as follows:

  • Students are taken for film shows and asked to do pre-viewing and post- viewing tasks.
  • Students of different levels are engaged in English Literary activities. These include storytelling, spelling bee etc.
  • The American Women’s Association (AWA) conducts oral English lessons for the Form 4 students. Their assistance is also sought in promoting books and reading activities.
  • The DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) programme promotes reading among students. Selected students are taken to authors’ talks. The school library also organizes such talks in the school.
  • School library promotes book writing competitions organized by various publishing houses and organizations.
  • Chatting with English Ambassadors’ is an English conversation programme for all Form 1 students.
  • ‘Tete-a tete’ programme for students is organized during lunch time.
  • Form 1 – 3 class library includes non-fiction books on topics related to other subjects.
  • In-house publications are organized.
  • The School Debating Society and Team participate in various competitions such as the ‘Sing Tao’, ‘Real Time’ and ‘ISF’. Many other friendly debates and internal debates are organized as well.
  • There will be an on-line communication programme with a Canossian School in Italy in the latter half of the year.
  • A complete programme by the Toastmasters International will be conducted on Saturday mornings.
  • A few students will be nominated to participate in ‘Meet and Greet’ programme by the Ming Pao

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