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Green Ambassadors Union

‘Make the campus green and let green coexist with us’ is a sentence that can very accurately describe the aims and the works of our club. As the quality of the earth’s environment is closely related to our lives, the Green Ambassadors Union always endeavoured to encourage students to get to know nature and the Earth, caring about climate change and contributing to the protection of the environment through different types of activities. 
The Green Ambassadors Union is dedicated to fostering a greener, more sustainable future. We delve into a broad spectrum of environmental topics, encompassing areas such as conservation, renewable energy, waste reduction, etc. Our goal is to deepen the collective understanding of the intricate ties between human actions and the environment, and to ignite the spark of innovative solutions for a healthier, more resilient planet. We strive to instil a lifelong commitment to environmental stewardship in our students, reinforcing their identities as conscientious global citizens who respect and cherish our shared Earth.
As members of our union, students are encouraged to engage actively in a diverse range of activities and projects centred on promoting sustainability. They are expected to immerse themselves in an array of cultural perspectives on the environment and sustainability, thereby fostering a sense of global community and mutual respect. We also prompt students to think critically about their footprint in the world, to scrutinise the environmental impact of their decisions, and to commit to sustainable practices in their everyday lives. Through these efforts, we aim to nurture a generation of committed, responsible global citizens who will lead the way in environmental stewardship.
At the Green Ambassadors Union, we believe in the power of 'hands-on learning'. In addition to joining the activities from external organisations, students can learn about the environment and how to protect it through school activities, such as, attending inter-school activities, patrolling the rooftop garden, and taking care of plants. 

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Address: 9-13, Kennedy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Telephone: 2587 2700

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