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St. Nicolaus House

“Soar like an eagle” is the slogan of St. Nicolaus House. Our house aims to strengthen the bonding between our members by promoting sportsmanship and encouraging our members to strive for their very best in each event. By providing a variety of house activities as a platform for our members to show their talents, we hope to bring them an unforgettable school life while cultivating a sense of belonging of them to the house.

In this academic year, many exciting school activities were successfully held under the resumption of whole-day school. We have participated actively in various house activities like Sports Day, Swimming Gala, Mass Dance, English Fun Day etc. Our house members’ hard work has been paid off by brilliant results in different activities. We got the Overall Champion in both Sports Day and Swimming Gala in the year of 2022-23.  

We strongly encourage our house members to get involved in house activities to show their talents. We hope our house members can develop a strong sense of belonging to the house while enjoying a rich and colourful school life through participating in different house activities.




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Address: 9-13, Kennedy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Telephone: 2587 2700

Fax: 2529 1758