Student Formation

Sex and Health Education Team

The main objective of our team is to promote sex and health education in school, in order to build up healthy lifestyles, positive values and proactive attitudes among students from their young age, enhancing their resilience and immunization against adversity. Its aims to help students:

  • acquire proper sex knowledge and health-related issues.
  • develop better decision-making and communication skills in solving daily sex related issues.
  • establish a consistent system of positive values and responsible behaviours.

Our team comprises of 4 teacher advisors and 8 student executive committee members. Different themes are developed every year, various activities and home programmes are organized accordingly.

Activities like talks and seminars are held during home time to enhance students’ understanding on various topics such as bodily hygiene care, healthy diet, eye protection, love and dating, premarital sex, sexual harassment etc. Guest speakers from the external organizations (eg. Family Planning Association, Retina Hong Kong, Hong Kong Catholic Marriage Advisory Council etc) are invited to conduct seminar and give professional sharing to our students.

Lunch-hour fruit fair, fun day and health measurement corner are also organized to arouse students’ awareness on health-related issues such as the importance of dietary fibre intake, doing regular exercise and ways to relieve pressure.

Newsletters on health issues, e.g. youth mental health, teen eating disorder problem are occasionally published in the second term. Content included case studies, teachers’ interview, healthy recipe and self-test etc.


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