Academic Subjects

Music Department

  1. Development Directives
    1. To develop students’ ability in music literacy.
    2. To cultivate students’ basic skills in performing arts such as singing and instrumental playing and in composing through musical activities.
    3. To encourage students to develop their creativity and aesthetic sense in music through listening and appraising.
  2. Goals to be Achieved
    1. Understanding Music in Context
      • to get to know the relationship between music and cultures (S1-S6)
    2. Developing Music Skills and Processes - Music Literacy
      • basic rudiments, music reading and creative music making (S1-S3)
      • advanced rudiments, creative music making and music history (S4-S6)
    3. Cultivating Critical Responses in Music - Listening & Appraising
      • musical instruments of Chinese and Western Orchestras (S1-S3)
      • appreciation of vocal and instrumental music in various forms (S1-S6)
      • music history, both Chinese and Western (S3-S6)
    4. Developing Creativity and Imagination – Performing and Composing
      • song learning (S1-S5)
      • instrument playing (S1-S6)
      • creative music making through composition and improvisations with the help of micro technology (MIDI) equipment (S1-S6)
    5. Extra-curricular Activities
      1. School Music Teams: Senior Choir, Junior Choir, Recorder Band, Symphony Orchestra, Chinese Instrumental Ensemble
        • to achieve good quality of singing and instrument playing through regular training
        • to cultivate students’ ability in performing arts
        • to enjoy artistic music through self-experience
      2. Instrumental Classes: Violin, Guitar, Flute, Percussion, Brass, Erhu and Zheng
        • to develop students’ interest in music through instrumental learning
  3. Teaching Strategy
    • To promote self-directed learning, a major concern of the school, some singing and recorder playing groups have been formed in each form. They practise regularly and are given opportunities to perform. Performance will be assessed once a term and each group will be provided with feedback based on the rubric forms given.





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