Academic Subjects

Mathematics Department


The general aims of our subject are to enable our students to:

  1. develop their ability to conceptualise, inquire, reason, communicate, formulate and solveproblems mathematically;
  2. build up their foundation and knowledge in mathematics that is necessary for their various development in future;
  3. appreciate the aesthetic nature and cultural aspect of mathematics through different types of learning experience.


The development directives of the course are to enable our students to:

  1. understand mathematical concepts and master related skills
  2. understand symbolic treatment of mathematics
  3. apply mathematical knowledge to real-life situations
  4. think logically and creatively and make sound judgements
  5. build up confidence and interest in learning mathematic


Teaching and learning activities

To provide opportunities for our students to stretch their potential, various kinds of learning activities are organized. For example, a statistics talk given by the Census and Statistics Department is arranged for F.5 students to help them do their IES project. Talks on public exam skills given by past students with good results are organized for F.6 students so as to help them cope with the public exam. Besides, students are encouraged to join different kinds of competitions, for example, Pui Ching Invitational Mathematics Competition, Secondary Schools Maths & Science Competition, Canadian Maths Competition, etc. so as to broaden their horizons.

Special teaching strategies

In order to cater for the learners' diversity, students are invited to join the enrichment class or remedial class according to their needs. Also, to help our students to become autonomous learners, flipped classroom activities have been adopted as an integral part of our curriculum.


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