Academic Subjects

Geography Department


  1. To provide students with the knowledge of the man-environment systems and ways to improve the quality of our environment;
  2. To develop students’ techniques and skills related to the collection, analysis, interpretation and presentation of data derived from different sources, such as fieldwork, maps, photos, statistics and written materials;
  3. To increase students' awareness of local and global issues;


  1. To arouse students’ interest in Geography by helping them acquire an appreciation of the applications of geographical concepts to everyday life;
  2. To promote students' knowledge of the homeland and other parts of the world;
  3. To encourage students to respond to problems with an open mind through application of geographical skills;
  4. To help students develop proper values and attitudes towards geographical issues;


Teaching and learning activities apart from classroom lecture

Fieldwork is a fundamental element in Geography. Through field trips, students gain experience of teamwork and develop their own powers of observation and analysis. River study on Lantau Island, Coastal study on Cheung Chau and Shek O, Sustainable Development around Mai Po and Industrial Estates Study were arranged for our students in the past. Visits to the Stephen Hui Geological Museum and Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change have been organised for the DSE students to broaden their horizons.

Teaching strategies in relation to Self-directed Learning, our school's major concern

To address the school's major concern “Self-directed Learning", Form 2 students are divided into six groups, each adopting a specific role. They are required to express their views on whether they are willing to cut greenhouse gas emissions with the aim of combating climate change. Students have to study related materials, write about the topic in relation to their assigned roles and comment on the viewpoints of the other roles on e-class. An open forum where students can express their opinions on climate change will then be held. To conclude the activity, students have to write a short essay analysing the issue of striking a balance between economic development and environmental conservation from different perspectives.



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