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Economics Department

Development Directives

The study of economics provides students with a solid foundation of economic knowledge which is seriously demanded by professional requirements in Accounting, Commerce, and Law, and therefore has a very high practical value in careers. It also enables students to understand and interpret economic activities that happen around them in fair depth within the local and international economic framework.

With repeated training in cost-benefit analysis, students are capable of making rational decisions with different constraints and choices by the end of the course.

Aims to be achieved

  1. To help students to develop into rational decision-makers
  2. To provide students with basic knowledge of economic and public affairs about Hong Kong
  3. To enable students to acquire basic knowledge of their future roles as residents of Hong Kong
  4. To facilitate the understanding of the economic and political environment of Hong Kong
  5. To help students analyse major issues in Hong Kong and suggest possible solutions
  6. To enable students to communicate effectively, organize and present ideas and statements in an accurate and logical manner
  7. To encourage students to participate actively and responsibly in community affairs


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