Academic Subjects

Visual Art Department


  1. To encourage students' participation in art-related activities whereby they will find enjoyment in creating things and expressing themselves
  2. To stimulate the imaginative and critical minds through appreciation or critiques
  3. To foster students' sense of responsibility towards the environment through developing their personal aesthetic potential
  4. To enable students to employ visual elements and concepts in formulating responses and expression


  1. To develop students’ artistic vision through the learning of visual elements and principles
  2. To develop students’ ability to make sound visual judgment when appreciating and criticizing artworks through exposure to different media and the learning of art history
  3. To enable students to learn about art and apply the knowledge to the visual forms they create
  4. To examine and analyse visual forms by applying their knowledge of visual language in a systematic way
  5. To develop students' own aesthetic values
  6. To develop in students a sense of respect for their own work and that of others
  7. To develop a sense of appreciation of others’ work




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