Student Formation

Gardening Team

Aims & Objectives

  • To raise students' awareness on the need for sustainable living;
  • To motivate the ambassadors to take initiative in leading green campaigns and passing messages for environmental protection to the other students;
  • To cultivate a group of young leaders who can promote the development of a greener school in the long run


Around 30 Green Ambassadors are recruited every year. Training workshops are organized to enhance the ambassadors' understanding towards environmental protection and conservation. They may acquire basic farming techniques like sowing seeds, ploughing soil, adding fertilizers, trimming shoots, watering etc. Several senior and devoted green ambassadors are nominated to join the Student Environmental Protection Ambassadors Scheme organized by the Environmental Campaign Committee to further equip their skills in organizing greening activities in school.

A vegetable plot is set up on our Roof Top Garden. Seasonal crops such as Chinese radish, eggplants, Chinese lettuce, tomatoes are grown. Students can enjoy the crops harvested at the same time understand and appreciate the hard work done by the farmers. There is a herb garden set up on the other side of the Roof Top Garden. Various herbs such as Indian Borage, Basil, Sage and Stevia are grown. The herb garden aims to teach students about the functions of plants that many plants are not only edible, but also possess horticultural application and economic value, e.g. used for medicinal purposes, cooking, making essential oil etc.

Moreover, various activities are held by our team. “One Person One Flower Scheme” is organized to arouse students’ awareness towards protection of our environment. Garden tours are arranged for students to explore different plants (e.g. Aquilaria sinensis, with a common name “Heung tree” or “Incense tree”) grown on the Roof Top Garden and St. Bakhita Garden (4/F). Sometimes, visits such as Wan Chai Nature Trail are also organized to enable students to explore and treasure the beautiful natural environment in our community.









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