The 150 Logos

The idea of the first logo came from the hollow brick along the corridor of the old campus. They accompanied numerous generations of Franciscans, witnessing how we prayed, worked, studied, gathered, played and gained. The four tiles used in the logo make up a wall which is firm and stout, symbolising God’s blessings and protection on all the staff and students. Now the tiles can be seen in our new school campus, so this is an inheritance of the history of SFCC to the future.
Credit: Ms A To

Our new school campus turns the page of our school history. Over the past seven years, though teachers and students were deprived of using some school facilities, suffered from the noise and air pollution from the construction site, we prayed, walked to raise funds and waited patiently. This new school campus comprises the hope, effort, sacrifice and patience of all the staff and students. The outline of our new school building becomes the figure of the second logo. The words “150” in orange symbolise sun rays which are shining upon our school, featuring a bright future of our coming development.
Credit: Elaine Ko, Class of 2019